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Off the Grid, On the Beach (Day 97) – Zipolite, Mexico | We're Not There Yet

After yesterday’s long and exhausting ride, we turned the alarm clock off for the first time since the USA and slept in till 9:30.  We woke up and headed to the “town” in Zipolite, which is about 1.5 km away.  We were so tired when we arrived last night that we didn’t realize that we had just gotten to the outskirts of town, which is kinda sad, seeing as how we can’t really walk from our hotel to the beach, but it’s also just fine since we’ve got bicycles and a lock.

Not too shabby

Not much to say about today, since all we really did was sit in the shade, read books, and fill M with the piña coladas that she’s been demanding ever since we got to Mexico.  Basically just a very calm and relaxing day.  M is swinging on a hammock behind me with a very cold looking beer and a book, and I’m just catching up on our blog, which has fallen behind…again.

This is about the extent of the activity in Zipolite

I guess the only thing I can add at this point is an observation/question about something in Mexico that still puzzles me.  The absent toilet seat.  For some reason it’s shockingly uncommon in Mexico to find toilet seats.  Hostel after hostel is just flat out missing this seemingly indispensable fixture.  How can this be?  Are toilet seats a luxury item? Is toilet seat theft a terrible scourge in Mexico? Is it just that toilets are sold without seats here and no one knows that they’re supposed to be bought? I truly don’t know.  And it’s not as if there’s no indication that something is missing on the toilets.  There are two holes where seats fasten…where there are just holes.  I’m truly at a loss. But we see this over and over again.  If anyone can explain this mystery, parts of my body are dying to find out.

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