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  After our normal breakfast/Spanish study session, we grabbed our cameras, paid pur $0.30 and hopped on the Metro to the last stop at Xochimilco (Show-chee-MEEL-ko).  Xochimilco is a part of Mexico City built around an extensive canal system that … Continue reading

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Few Tex-Mex dishes are so beloved as fajitas (fah-HEE-tuzJ, yet so commonly misunderstood. Recipes often try to make it more complicated than they are. Their beauty is in their simplicity. Many have tried to improve them with such things as … Continue reading

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No one knows the origin of chili con came. But the dish we have today is believed by Texans to have been invented in the Lone Star state. Chili expert E. De Grolyer contends it evolved around 1840, suggesting that … Continue reading

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Mexico City is a pretty awesome place. We went back and forth on this before we decided it with absolute certainty, but it has a ton to do, a very rich history, and the food ain’t bad, either. We stayed … Continue reading

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Our last day in Houston was pretty awesome. We returned to Elie and Debbie’s place to find that Elie had dropped off our bikes at his favorite local bike shop for tune-ups. We had put in many greasy hours in … Continue reading

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I feel a little guilty writing about our final few days in Texas. We did a TON of running around, unpacking, repacking, shopping, shipping stuff home, dealing with banks, calling family and friends, etc and we decided that we needed … Continue reading

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We arranged to stay with two different hosts in Houston, so as not to overwhelm any one person with our frenzy. On the third morning in town, we left Volker to stay with Elie and Debbie for our last few … Continue reading

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Leaving Liberty was the beginning of the end. Kind of. We know we still have a ton of riding and traveling and figuring out where to shower/eat/sleep, but this was the last short leg of the US portion of the … Continue reading

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Julie Chisholm We arrived late in Orange, Texas, expecting to stay at their fire department after a wonderful night before spent at the Lake Charles, Louisiana fire department.  When we got to Orange, we found only a construction site where … Continue reading

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No matter how you look at it, there is no good way to ride into Houston. For an interesting at-home exercise, open up Google Maps and search for driving directions from Lake Charles to Houston. Now change the route to … Continue reading

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