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The Morning After (Day 16) | We're Not There Yet

The boat picked us up at 9 this morning and brought us back to Beaufort. The people that ran the ferry had let us stash our bikes in their shed by the dock while we were on the island, so now came the task of repacking all of our stuff and calling our families to let them know that we decided, after over 8 years of dating, to get engaged. My mother’s response was ‘What took so long?’

We didn’t get on the road until 3pm- a record late start- but we did make it almost 30 miles to the quaint riverside town of Swansboro. We were still riding the high from our fairy-tale Island Adventure, so we didn’t figure a place to camp out ahead of time. We started poking around the center of town (which was so small that it didn’t even have a stoplight) and hoped to find someone that we could charm into allowing us to pitch tent in their yard. No luck. We finally found the local fire station and the chief agreed to let us sleep behind the building. The whole production took quite a while and we were racing the dark, trying to find a place to stay. This was a town with no hotel and was surrounded by water, so wild camping was out of the question unless we wanted to go a few miles back the way we came. This scenario has been a point of debate between R and I- he has faith that a free camping option will always present itself. I don’t like the discomfort of having to scramble to sort it out while it gets darker and darker out.

This night ended well and we were very comfortable and safe camped out behind the fire station, but the issue is an ongoing one and I’m curious to know how other traveling cyclists handle it.

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