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Is That Powdered Sugar on Your Pants or Are You Just Happy to See Me? (Day 47 & 48) New Orleans, LA | We're Not There Yet

Today was Father’s Day and while everyone else was on their best behavior, BBQ-ing with the family, we spent the day in recovery. I managed to make it out of the house and to the French Quarter for more wholesome daytime activities. First stop was Café du Monde, the perennial NOLA favorite place for the powdery pieces of heaven called beignets. An order comes in a shallow bowl brimming with powdered sugar, which I managed to get all over my clothes, under my finger nails, and on my upper lip- just saving some for later. I spent the rest of the day wandering around, popping into galleries, window-shopping (travel by bicycle really does keep you honest in terms of impulse purchases- who wants to pack a penis shaped bottle opener up a hill?), and reveling in the New Orleans-ness of the city.

Breakfast of Champions

Traffic Jam

Local Flair


In NOLA, even cemetaries are eye-catching

At the end of the day, Bordelon swung by in her car to pick me up with R in tow. We decided, once again, that oysters were necessary and found ourselves back at Cooter Browns for the usual 2 dozen oysters and something fried and cheesy. We capped off the night with our first dinner in in quite some time- some pasta and a simple salad.

As we started organizing for our departure the next morning, we realized that there was no way we could possibly leave. It wasn’t just our attachment to the city, but we had work to do. Up until this point, it was only a loose plan that we’d get to Houston, TX and then fly to Mexico City, but if we wanted to make it happen, we needed to get our flight tickets now. We asked Boredelon if she’d mind one more night of us keeping her out of her own bed and she, mercifully, said yes.

We stayed inside all day the next day and just got stuff done. We repacked, did laundry, purchased our tickets (Felicidades!) and got ourselves otherwise geared up to get back on the road. It wasn’t a funday in New Orleans, but it had to be done. We treated ourselves to a dinner in the French Quarter at a popular Creole spot, Coop’s Place. It was a proper end to a properly wonderful trip.

We’ve got to take a moment to give a HUGE and heartfelt thanks to Miss Bordelon. There was a point when, once again floored by her enthusiasm, generosity, and willingness to host two people who were as good as strangers to her, she responded to us by saying that, as a New Orleans native, she felt an obligation to act as an ambassador for her city. That basically sums up what she did for us, but I doubt that anyone could have done it with as much grace and a knack for knowing how to show off her city best. There was not a dull moment and that is only half because of the city itself- the rest was all the company. Thanks, Elizabeth! We’re coming back next year! Hope you’re ready!

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