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Back on Track! – Rail Bike Adventure – Samcheok, Korea | We're Not There Yet

Phew! We thought that we lost basically all of our photos from Korea and beyond, but it turned out that R just inadvertently sent the camera in for repairs with the SD card still inside. So now we’ve got our camera fixed and tons and tons more pictures to share. These pictures of our Rail Bike trip should have gone in a previous post, but I’m putting them up now because they are so uniquely Korean and capture the second half of one of our favorite days on the trip.

The Pleasure Even a Child Knows!

So, this was the ‘bike’ element of our Rail Bike adventure

We got to follow this couple through thrilling tunnels…

Like this one!

But wait, it gets better! Lasers!

And Christmas lights!

Thank God this guy was here for safety purposes

One of the tunnels was dedicated to Hwang Young-cho, Samcheok’s homegrown Olympic Gold Medalist.

It was Wonderfull!

An homage to Hwang’s accomplishments

We got lots of love from every other Rail Bike we passed

This guy was REALLY impressed with us

Every. Single. One.

A view from the bike

We took the Stairway to Heaven (Ha!) for a well deserved beer after a long, fun-filled day.

We drank beers the size of our heads and ate whatever these things are by the fistful

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