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Not much to say about a ride on a day like today that I couldn’t just summarize by showing you a picture of our sodden, salt-streaked clothes, caked as they are with grime, grease and grit. In fact, if I … Continue reading

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Steve Robbins We met Steve at a bar just outside of Mobile, AL where he made us feel like rockstars for doing our trip.  Steve is an incredibly generous person, who along with his philanthropic activities bought us drinks and … Continue reading

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We stayed with Dan and Amy in Mobile after meeting them through Couch Surfers, and they’re the only CS people we stayed with along the trip. They were amazing.  Both of them are avid home-brewers and we enjoyed some of … Continue reading

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We stopped at a bar along the Gulf coast to wait for a ride from our friends in Mobile, Amy and Dan.  The folk at the bar showed us a wonderful time and incredible hospitality.  Many thanks to Steve Robbins … Continue reading

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