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A Quick and Great Big Thank You | We're Not There Yet

Hey all,

So we’ve been without our beloved laptop for nearly a week and just got it back today.  We didn’t post in that time, and didn’t really think that it was such a big deal, since we figure that really only our parents are reading this blog anyhow.  So we were pretty stunned, and happily so, by the frantic emails from everyone that thought that we had been abducted somewhere along the way. Thanks so much!! We won’t ever go AWOL again without at least posting a quick little blurb to let y’all know where we are and why we’re going radio silent.

But again, it was super gratifying to hear and read that you were so concerned for us, and it gave us a great boost of energy for the blogging enterprise.

By the way, a huge and heartfelt congratulations to our good friends Nick and Deanna, whose wedding we just missed because of this silly trip of ours. We wish that we could’ve been there, because I (R) was so truly, utterly, and deeply committed to making a drunken shame of myself. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the baby-shower for that…

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