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Court Date – Antigua, Guatemala | We're Not There Yet

I wouldn’t call our weekend getaway to Semuc Champey refreshing since it involved 15 hours of shuttling, climbing up waterfalls, and trusting 17 year old tour guides to not let us get lost or drown in a yet-to-be completely explored cave system- and all this in 3 days! But we were mentally charged and ready to wrap up the saga of the Great Transsexual Hostel Robbery. We had a date to be in court at 2:30 in the neighboring city of Chimaltenango to meet with the judge who would then release the evidence to us. Or so we thought. We appeared in court today along with our INGUAT representative, Andrew, who has basically been our translator, therapist, and all around savior during this whole experience. During our audience with the judge, we were told that the prosecution needed more time to photograph and catalogue the evidence before it could be released. Nevermind that it had been fully inventoried the night of the first trial. Nevermind that they have been holding it for nearly a week already. And we were told that they need an additional 5 business days to do this.

Our gilded cage

We were pretty steamed and appealed to the judge who, according to Andrew, was pretty snide in responding to our request to speed things up. We left with a promise that the Ministerio Publico would try to expedite the process; we have to reappear in court tomorrow to check on the progress and we have a tentative date back in court scheduled for a week from today, in the event that they are not able to get it done any earlier. The whole situation leaves us wanting to pull our hair out. We caught the bad guy and this is what we get?? We already don’t have a lot of love for Antigua, but we’re stuck here in what is turning into a Groundhog’s Day situation. It is almost approaching a point where we feel we might end up spending more money than we lost by staying here in the attempt to recover what was stolen from us in the first place.

It’s beautiful here, but enough is enough

We are trying to look on the bright side of things- at least we’ve got a good story to tell and it looks like we’ll eventually get our money back. But our days are turning into one big blur and we’re cooped up in our hostel in an attempt to save some money in this incredibly expensive town. We are catching up on the blogging and have promised ourselves to freshen up our Spanish, which has only been exercised in the use of words like ladron (thief), courte (court), robado (robbed), and transexual (um, transsexual). If the process keeps us here another week, we might make another side trip to the coast or another tourist spot that we would otherwise miss. So it’s not all bad- I mean, we’re complaining about being stuck on vacation. But we are really, really ready to get back on the bikes after so long staying in one place. I’m a little nervous that the swift bout of physical activity we did over the weekend has actually left me sore! Just goes to show that even crime fighters can let themselves go.

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