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Alabama Bushwacker (Mobile, AL) | We're Not There Yet

We stopped at a bar along the Gulf coast to wait for a ride from our friends in Mobile, Amy and Dan.  The folk at the bar showed us a wonderful time and incredible hospitality.  Many thanks to Steve Robbins and the barback at Tacky Jack’s for giving us this local favorite.

  • 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • light rum
  • coconut rum
  • kahlua
  • Bacardi 151

Mix equal parts light rum, coconut rum and kahlua.  For each drink, take 2 oz. of that mixture and blend it with the ice cream.  Put into a glass and  top with a generous splash of the Bacardi 151.  Swirl the 151 into the drink very lightly, and top with a cherry (or a dusting of cocoa powder, or cinnamon or nutmeg).

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