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All Points East (Day 9) | We're Not There Yet

We got the bikes rolling pretty early this morning, but ended up stopping at the local coffee shop after about 15 minutes of riding. We posted up for the better part of 2 hours, which would not be remarkable except for the fact that it put us on the road in the afternoon. And the afternoon is when the winds pick up.

It was basically a 15 mile long wind tunnel and when we finally got to the 7-Eleven at the end of the road and made our right turn, the wind seemed to change direction with us. Little did we know that this was just a sign of things to come. The North Carolina coast is many things, but above all, it is windy.

We pressed on until we were about 5 miles from our Warm Showers hosts, Nick and Dawn. We stopped at a local brewery/butchery for a beer and some quality time with the goats.

Up until this point, we had exchanged only a few emails with Nick and were hoping that our second Warm Showers experience wouldn’t be a bust. We had such a great experience with John in Richmond and couldn’t expect for another host so warm, open, and cool. So, we were basically planning on crashing one night and then heading on to a campground in Kitty Hawk. And then Nick and Dawn ruined all of our plans.

There are strangers and there are acquaintances and there are friends and then there are folk.  And Nick and Dawn are folk.  People who share the same values, and have the same outlook, and who you’re lucky for knowing. And that’s probably the easiest way to sum up the experience of spending time with Nick and Dawn and their beautiful little kids.

But to explain how thoroughly they wrecked our plans, it started with taking hot showers on their back deck, which overlooks the bay (their yard goes right up to the water).  Then came the cold beers, the great dinner, the warm and funny conversations, and the incredibly tour through the cool stuff that they’ve collected on their travels around the world.

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