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High Cotton’s Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce (Outer Banks, NC) | We're Not There Yet

High Cotton is the very highly regarded BBQ restaurant in the Outer Banks.  We sat down with the owner, Will, whose cooking prowess comes by way of culinary school and his upbringing in Carolina’s BBQ mecca, Rocky Mount.

Will uses this sauce, which he only knows how to prepare in restaurant-sized quantities, for BBQ pork which has been smoked for 14 hours over hickory coals. He doesn’t put any sauce on the meat until the cooking is done.

  • 1 gallon white wine vinegar
  • 1 McCormick container salt
  • 1 McCormick container black pepper
  • 1 McCormick container red pepper flakes
  • 2 McCormick container sweetener (brown or white sugar or molasses)
  • 2 bottle Texas Pete hot sauce

Pour vinegar into large pot but reserve 3 cups

Add the black pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, sweetener and Texas Pete. Mix well.

Take brisket or pork, score the outside of the meat, and cake it in salt and pepper. Let sit for one day.

Cook the brisket at 205 degrees for 14 hours, or the pork at 210-220 degrees for 12 hours. When meat is done, pull apart and coat with sauce.

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