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November | 2011 | We're Not There Yet

Everything was sore this morning. We’ve been covering long distances in pretty serious heat for the past few days and are definitely not in the habit of doing either, after so much time off the bikes in Guatemala. Yesterday’s events … Continue reading

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M: ‘So, is that considered armed robbery?’ R: ‘Well, yes, an attack with a deadly weapon and intent to harm someone qualifies as armed robbery’ Casual mentions of mugging in newspapers, novels, and passing conversation have never struck me as … Continue reading

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We had to do a little bit of backtracking to get onto the main highway toward the border. Leaving La Unión at the crack of dawn wasn’t enough to beat the heat, especially when we got sidetracked by a flat … Continue reading

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We took a little bit of a gamble in going to La Unión. It was not exactly out of our way, but definitely isn’t a place that holds a lot of allure for tourists aside from the vague possibility that … Continue reading

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We set our alarm a little bit earlier than we have been to compensate for the early sunsets here and were on the road a little after 7:30. We were a little bit nervous about the route today, since we … Continue reading

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1½ lbs. venison tenderloin ½ cup red wine 1 stick butter 1 clove garlic, minced 1 Tbs. olive oil 4 shallots, minced ½ cup port salt and pepper Slice venison into ¼” slices.  Season with salt and pepper. Cover venison … Continue reading

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We took an off day at Zonte, where we had planned to try surfing, but were dissuaded by the locals who said that the huge waves in combination with the rocky beach were probably not the right conditions for beginners. … Continue reading

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Pastor Fred’s Southern Chicken Casserole (Georgia) Fred is the pastor at a church in Williamsburg, VA where he let us camp for the night.  He’s originally from Georgia and he says that this is one of my wife’s southern specialties. … Continue reading

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Probably before going into yesterday’s ride, it’d be worth it to set the scene for you right now.  We just got out of bed, stumbled a few feet into an eating area at the hostel where we’re at, and M … Continue reading

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George is the barback at the beautiful New Orleans hotel/restaurant The Columns.  He’s also an inventor of new cocktails.  Here’s a delicious mint chocolate drink that he whipped up for us to help us beat the Louisiana heat. 1½ oz. … Continue reading

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